We would like to welcome you to Gold Coast, Australia, where every day our professional staff, work with touring professionals, amateurs and beginners alike.

At Ecob Golf International we understand the hopes and dreams of golfers.

As players and now coaches, we know the sacrifices made during ones journey to improving their game. Golf has no guarantees, however at Ecob Golf International we will give the student every opportunity to become the best player they can.

Ecob Golf International is unique in many ways. We provide a world class golf instruction staff, with 55 years of professional tournament experience worldwide, and incorporating 20 years of coaching experience. Our instructors have the knowledge to develop every aspect of the game.

Our goal is to educate and provide the golfer with enough knowledge and understanding to further their progress through self analysis. Videos given to the golfer with the information and experience they have received from the program, will be of benefit in the future.


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